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There are three basic phases you’re likely to go through with our chiropractic care:

Phase 1: Treat the Symptoms

The first thing we set out to achieve when you first come to us is to relieve your symptoms. We focus on getting rid of your pain, numbess, tingling, or discomfort.

This will be the phase with the most frequent treatments. It’s important to understand that even once this phase is successful, you’ll still want to continue on to phase 2, otherwise your relief is likely only short-term.

Phase 2: Treat the Underlying Condition

Once we’ve reduced or eliminated your symptoms, we’ll seek to address the underlying problem. Remember, just because you’re symptom free doesn’t mean your problem free!

During this period treatments will be less frequent, and will aim for a long-term fix

Phase 3: Preventative Care

Once we’ve gotten you all fixed up, we’ll want to help you stay that way!

This phase has you come in periodically to help prevent any old conditions from reoccurring, and to prevent any new conditions from showing up, or to take care of them before they can cause problems.

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